Senior Recruitment Consultant

Job Description

This recruitment company is a senior appointments consultancy specialising in the placement of strategically important vacancies across the UK. They are backed and ran by people with a long history of growing some of the UK's most profitable recruitment businesses to then be sold. This one is not going to get sold. The plan is to float.

To do that, they need you. Experienced Professional Sectors and Technology Recruitment Consultants.

The team are specialists in a range of sectors including Rail, Infrastructure, GDPR, Financial Services (including Banking and Insurance), Cards & Payments, Virtual Reality, Media (including Digital/Online), Retail/E-Commerce/Multichannel, Technology, Telecoms and Networks and the Public Sector.

They fill the gap between Executive Search consultancies and standard PSL-based recruitment agencies - they have the network to deliver top candidates and the infrastructure to provide them at speed.

Most PSL type agencies struggle to fill roles above the £50k level and most Executive Search firms won't engage below £150k - The business has been set up to be specialists in this area and are experienced in articulating this proposition to clients. Essentially the team offer a blended retained/contingency service.

True Meritocracy - everyone works for their position and there are no favourites and no popularity contests. If you're working hard, they'll notice.

Targets - There are no one size fits all targets or KPI's. They will look at you, how you work, and together both you and the senior managers will create a business plan that fits. Not try to make you fit their way of doing things.

Reputation - It's not a cold zero sum start up. The company is already well-known in the market. They work in an area where not many other agencies can compete, and articulate this proposition well to their clients. it pays off.

Investment - the company has been built to be scalable from day one. They have invested thousands in infrastructure and back office, far more than could be expected from a company of this size. Everything is in place for the company to grow and grow.

Consultant's mindset - The management see it as their responsibility to provide a platform and environment that is conducive to everyone making placements. They are fully aware what it's like to be a Consultant and will always strive to remove any obstacles you may face whenever possible.

Speed of decision making - whether it's T&C's negotiations or bid responses etc, you won't find yourself waiting two weeks for an answer from a Legal department. If a problem can be solved there and then, it will.

Start-up feel - even though we've been successful for five years, we still treat the business as a start-up. We have plenty of room to grow and see the people we take on as the future leaders of the business - the ladder is a long way from being pulled up.

A professional environment - whilst every recruitment business follows the same fundamental principles, the managers and team believe that every aspect of the role can be done better and every interaction with your candidates and clients can be improved to increase your billings. They will show you how to make more out of your hard work.

Informal environment - Its recruitment, they will expect a lot from you, but they will also treat you like an adult. You know your business better than anyone else, so if you're working hard and delivering you'll find that they are a very flexible and generous employer.

Commission - starts at 20%, ratchets up to 35% accelerator with a 5k threshold that will not roll over

Incentives - monthly competitions, winners' lunches, team nights out, team activities and a company holiday

Dress code - casual, with a suit kept in the office for impromptu client meetings.

  • The company has been going since 2012, have just moved into a 45-desk office in London and opened Bristol and Manchester offices within the last year.
  • Progression opportunities are good - The growth plan is based upon everyone having the ambition to manage their own teams.
  • Their ideal goal is to reach the point in five years where they don't have to hire senior staff from outside because, with you, they have grown our own.
  • There is a firm plan to float the company in ten years' time and operate a share scheme so that senior employees and top performers receive a stake in the company, meaning that everyone benefits from our growth.

We feel that this company offers the best opportunity for experienced Recruitment consultants to realise their long-term objectives. If you have hit a glass ceiling working for a business that is the same size today as it was 5 years ago, then we think this is where you need to be.

Contact Conrad Brookes r2r, or hit apply.